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Titus Forms Hawk Sightings, Inc.

January of 2018, actor, writer, and producer Jennifer Titus formed Hawk Sightings, Inc. in Los Angeles, California to establish a company under which all of her diverse skills may flourish. As both President and CEO, Titus will conduct all future entertainment business transactions through HSI. "I believed it was time for me to begin creating the types of projects I've been seeking to be part of for so long," states Titus.

Jennifer, and her writing parter, Mark Provencher, are currently writing a screenplay for a full-length feature film that she will also act in and produce. She adds, "The only way to ensure that what we write will actually end up in the movie was to produce it myself." Both Titus and Provencher are also set to star in the dark comedic film. "We both appreciate great writing, particularly in dark comedy, so when one of us comes up with a potentially serious scene [and a bit demented], the other one completely sees the humor in it. We're very different thinkers, but we're complementary writers."

The finished screenplay is yet to be completed, and so far, information about the storyline? "Mums the word for now until it's ready to be announced," says Titus, "We're going to cast a couple of household name actors for some of the film's roles. And, if everything continues as planned we should finish the screenplay by the end of Summer, 2018. So, stay tuned!"

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