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Vacation. Or, lack there of.

Isn't this photo amazing? Look how gorgeous the sea looks. Well, it's not mine. It's from the WIX site. I just thought I'd borrow it since I'm not traveling anywhere due to COVID-19.

Almost stuck

I was in Italy for four days when the outbreak was spreading through the North of Italy. We quickly changed plans from our scheduled snowboarding in the Dolomites for two weeks to "Let's get out of here and go to the French Alps...NOW!" After skating in Courchevel and snowboarding there before moving to another winter wonderland in Meribel, France, the news got worse. We learned that with the closing of Italy, it could mean the closing of Europe very soon. We fled the next day and while donning gloves and masks, we flew home to Los Angeles, line-free. The day before the screening lines at the airport became vast and long. Thank you, Global Entry! traveling.

Are you blue about not being able to travel right now or did you have to cancel your future trip plans? Now's the time to go through old travel photos that you will probably NEVER pull out. Post them, laugh at your haircut, reconnect with those friends you met at that one place that one night near that one festive site. Or, just borrow photos and pretend, like I did!

At the end of the day, we are doing this temporarily, and we will travel again. Time to invent your stay-cation. I fold my bed down and dim the lights, like a hotel service does, before I shower. Spritz my pillow with lavender, spritz the shower with service!

Fun places to check out

Tropics, anyone? #nihisumba Check out Nihi Sumba Island. This was me before a great surf. Horses on the beach, surfing, spa, eco-resort, amazing food (with dietary accommodations), and the nicest people ever.

Plan something far in advance, try reading up on it, learn the language, and dream. #travel #vaycay #tropical #adventure #ecotravel #ecoresort #surfing #horses #spa

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