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I'm going to be starting a new blog!

What am I going to discuss? Topics from my areas of interest, of course. Entertainment, Medicine, Travel, and Wellbeing.

Blogging is not normal for me...well, it is now.

If you know me, you know I don't feel like my life is so different from anyone else's. Yet, I'm told that it is. Ugh, the thought of writing about myself is not a pleasant one. I believe I'm no better than the next person. But, if I can make you laugh, see differently, or open your mind, then it's worth it!

I'm a licensed medical doctor, a former professional figure skater, and a life-long performer in theatrical arts. Stop it. Some people are just diverse, and I'm one of them. I did my first commercial at age four, and I've been comfortable in a spotlight ever since whether is was on a stage or on ice. Both my amateur and professional skating careers had me traveling quite a bit, then my acting career continued the need to travel. Between acting jobs, I write screenplays and I travel to snowboarding and surfing destinations. So, I guess I should throw in traveling for one of my "things that I do." Health is one of our greatest gifts that I don't take for granted. Wellbeing is something that supports everything I do, so naturally, I'm going to discuss it with some kind of knowledge! Remember, I do have a small collection of science degrees.

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