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I started filming the epic psychological thriller, "Rock, Paper, Dead," August 28th. For me, this is an honor to be starring as the lead character along side such talented actors as Luke MacFarlane, Michael Madsen, and Tatum O'Neil. And, I'm so excited to be part of the "Thriller Dream Team," consisting of the infamous writers and creators, Victor Miller and Kerry Fleming. Taking direction from the legendary Tom Holland has been great fun, and a learning experience. Producer, Amy Williams has assembled a symbiotic, cohesive team to create a cult classic-worthy film people will talk about for decades.

I'll be posting updates on the film (when I get a chance!) I'm on set shooting almost every day of filming, and I can't give away too much about the movie, but I'll give you all nuggets to thrill you!!!!

Scare ya later,

XO Jen (aka Ashley Grant)

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